phoenix-logoHi Everyone,

First, we would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to visit this section of our webpage!

Phoenix Fiber Mill has been in business since December of 2012. So, let’s dive into more details about how we became the Phoenix Fiber Mill Family!

We are a family of 14! Yes, you read that correctly! There are 14 of us in total. However, there weren’t always that many of us. After Karen and Mike moved their 3 biological children from California to Colorado, the family soon began to grow.  Quickly realizing the growing need for homes for foster children, Karen and Mike became foster parents. Through the amazing process of adoption, after 6 years of being in the fostering system, Karen and Mike left the system with 8 beautiful adopted children. Soon after, their eldest biological daughter married.  So how did this already busy family decide to start their own business?

Phoenix all started with an alpaca. Yes, those fuzzy little animals that will win your heart with their sweet sounds, huge dreamy eyes and luxurious fibers.  We welcomed a few out to our rural ranch in southern Colorado and raised these amazing animals for their fluffy fiber. After the first shear, we were hooked. And after picking, washing, and carding the fleeces, the process blossomed into a wonderful world of colors, textures and textiles. We grew the business using small shows, word of mouth and, with a little help from social media, we quickly realized the desire for home spun and home made goods were still very much wanted. This encouraged Phoenix into the business we are today! Because Phoenix is a family run and operated business, we have the distinct advantage of allowing everyone in our family to have a part in the making of the products we produce.

While still using the ideals that started our business just a few years ago, we branched out into the sock industry. We have grown Phoenix with the sole purpose (pun was intended) to create unique socks designed with comfort, playful personality and a whole lot of color in mind. So, why do we use only natural fibers? Remembering back to our first fuzzy alpacas, we realize our Phoenix Family was founded on the basis of using only the highest quality natural fibers that make you feel good, are durable and give the wicking we all want and desire. This type of quality can only be found in natural fibers.

There you have it; a brief background of who we are as a family and as a company. We truly hope you enjoyed taking the time to learn more about us, and if you purchased, or are considering purchasing a pair of our socks, we would like to welcome you to the Phoenix Fiber Mill Family!